1. When I See Her

From the recording Fare Ye Well

Words and music by Tyler Alderson


When I see her, she’s wearing a pair of pink sandals
Her hair’s long and curly, and tied in the back with a bow
She’s running, and turns back to tell me to follow
I try to go with her, but I can’t see where she goes

When I hear her, she’s throwing her head back and laughing
Through fits of giggles, her voice is as strong as it’s kind
She leans in to whisper, she says that she’ll tell me a secret
But when I’m awakened, the words fall away from my mind

When I hold her, I feel the warm beat of her body
Her arms on my shoulders, her soft cheek pressed up on my own
I try to hold tightly, I try not to let her slip from me
But when the moon sets I am left lying cold and alone

When I saw her, her face was as pale as the morning
When I heard her, her breath was drowned out by machines
When I held her, her body was light as a feather
I pulled her close to me, and held her as she went to sleep

When I see her, I’ll follow her always and ever
When I hear her, I’ll give her a secret to keep
When I hold her, I’ll never let go of her
And I know that I’ll see her when I go to sleep